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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
 0000072    User Interfacemajornew2016-04-241.16.0FIX1, Multiple monitor mouse cursor problem.
 0000049    Generalfeatureacknowledged2016-01-04Radar on the AH-1Z Viper
 0000040    User Interfaceminorconfirmed2014-11-19Shift+Numpad 0 does not select Previous Target.
 0000016    Generalminorresolved2014-11-19Chopper drop to ground
 00000132   Flight Modelminorresolved2014-09-07engine startup continues even if rotor brake is disengaged
 00000431   Weaponsfeatureresolved2014-09-07Line of Sight / Beam rider missile simulation feature request
  00000711   Graphicsminorresolved2014-07-28invisible pilot hand in ka52
 0000044    Soundfeatureacknowledged2014-05-27Realistic sound behavior: pitch changes, speed of sound
 0000039    User Interfacefeatureacknowledged2014-05-27Commandline (or similar) to load most recently saved campaign save on startup.
 0000052    Graphicsminorresolved2014-05-27Additive=1 sprites spin around, Additive = 0 (mostly) don't
 0000007    Installerminorresolved2014-05-27Corrupted texture for floor in Comanche cockpit when using desert textures
 00000063   Graphicsminorconfirmed2014-05-27Landing Pads dissappear and reappear??
 0000045    Crash / Freezeminorresolved2014-05-17Access Violation after update to 1.13.0 (WinXPx64, Radeon X800)
 000001121 Crash / Freezecrashresolved2014-05-17(realistic start up) turn on 2nd mfd creates CTD
 0000047    AIfeatureacknowledged2014-05-17More Realistic Wingmen
 0000035    Inputfeatureacknowledged2014-05-17Dedicated Freetrack support
 0000053    Graphicsminorconfirmed2014-05-17Adding new lines/entries to SMOKES.CSV does not result in a new smoke effect [1.14.0]
 0000023    Soundminorresolved2014-05-17no betty sound on switching to LOBL
 00000512   Crash / Freezeminorresolved2014-05-17Adding lines to (EXPLOS) CSV causes crash on exit (1.14.0)
 00000341   AIminorresolved2014-05-17Version 1.12.3 - Wingman is always landing on the same pad as me
 00000325   Weaponsminorresolved2014-05-17CTD when firing tow (?) weapon from the cobra in versions 1.12 to 1.12.3
 0000046    Weaponsminorresolved2014-05-171.13.0 Can not launch weapons at randomly designated targets
 0000004    AIminorresolved2014-05-17Enemy AI Aircraft operating above service ceiling
 00000151   Weaponsminorresolved2014-05-17Failing rocket targeting?
 0000050    Weaponsminorresolved2014-05-171.13.0 Rockets alwats land about 100 meters in front of the targets
 00000183   Multiplayer / Networkminorresolved2014-05-17In MP client (wingman)'s cannon ammo dissapears totally after firing a few short bursts.
 0000029    Flight Modelminorresolved2014-05-17can't land on tarawa with Longbow
 00000331   Flight Modelminorresolved2014-05-17CH3 gears colission is not detected
 0000014    Generalminorresolved2014-05-17Head mowing according to g-force
 0000048 1 Inputminornew2013-05-06Keys not mapped correctly according to Keymap
 0000019 1 Filesminornew2013-05-06[EECH] TLATE6.dat spanish translation
 0000037    Generalminornew2013-05-06Assign different land point when transfer is needed
 0000042    Generalminornew2013-05-02Command line switches for time of day no longer work
 0000028    Crash / Freezeminornew2013-05-02Helicopter in existential limbo
 0000022 1 Graphicsminornew2013-05-02missing MFD page buttons
 0000027    Generalminornew2013-05-02Supply helicopters cannot pass [Y]-waypoint
 0000030    User Interfaceminornew2013-05-02PL version 1920x1080 res. Special polish fonts are replaced with special russian ones
 0000008    Installerminornew2013-05-02Should include mapi's textures with allMods
 00000031   Graphicsfeatureconfirmed2013-05-02Graphic engine is outdated
 0000036    Generalminornew2013-05-01Campaign engine is assigning 'on spot' repair missions
 0000020 1 User Interfaceminornew2013-05-01Wrong font used in GUI - text unreadable
 00000551   Crash / Freezeminornew2013-05-01[1.14.0] Create Font returned NULL, exits.
 00000542   Crash / Freezeminornew2013-05-01[1.14.0] access violation during heavy activity
 000002111 User Interfaceminorassigned (arneh)2013-05-01input frequenty for radio is off screen
 00000381   User Interfaceminorresolved2010-05-16Waypoint carrot in Commanche does not move from center.
 00000104   Generaltrivialfeedback2010-04-29remove SHIFT + F1 key from game (640 x 480)
 0000031    Graphicsfeatureacknowledged2010-04-19Unique cockpits for all flyable helis
 0000024    Generalminorresolved2010-04-18EECH not reporting to CommServer
 00000262   Crash / Freezecrashresolved2010-04-18CTD when changing MFD-function in non-standard aircraft
 000002543 Generalminorresolved (arneh)2010-03-11Limited and incorrect export of data to shared memory area.
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